Bring Back the Nordiques!

The Quebec Nordiques were a hockey team that were strongly supported by their city and region in Canada. Their bankruptcy in 1994 was not due to the lack of attendance (which averaged a sellout in their final year), but a financial crisis faced by the entire nation of Canada.

The Nordiques were relocated to Denver, Colorado, where they would win the Stanley Cup in their first season.

Quebec residents were devastated, being forced to support rival teams like the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens, and resort to support the Quebec Remparts as their primary team since they lost their AHL team not long after the Nordiques.

After nearly twenty years, the Quebec Nordiques still have a fan club, Nordiques Nation, who travel to different NHL arenas and cheer when the number of minutes remaining in the period equals the number of years since Quebec City has had a team. The best part about this is that this fan club for a currently nonexistent team is nearly 90,000 strong. This is more fans than the Phoenix Coyotes or Florida Panthers have combined. Which is precisely why one of these teams needs to be relocated to Quebec City.

nordiques slogan

Being incredibly supportive of this relocation and change in the NHL, especially for next year with the realignment, I came up with this promotional logo for the reintroduction of the Quebec Nordiques. The Nordiques will not only benefit the NHL with revenue, but Quebec City will sell out the new Quebecor Arena every game.

Bringing back the Nordiques: Hit or Miss?


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